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Publish Date : 16 March 2019 - 09:35
Fuel quota and using the fuel card has become a hot topic these days again. Fuel is one of the important topics during approving the budget and this year fuel quota has become a heat.
Khodrocar – Gasoline quota is a topic that has not become to an agreement in the final days of the year among members of the parliament.

Last month, Ahmad Safari, member of Energy commission of the parliament said that fuel cards will be active again. He said that in a meeting with the minister of oil it’s been decided that fuel cards become active again without any changes in price or quota.

Purposeful fuel distribution is a necessity in the current situation of sanctions. Asad allah Gharekhani, a member of the parliament also said that suggestion of using fuel card without quota or price increment talked a long time ago and it could be a way against trafficking fuel. The effectiveness of this plan is unclear because it can record consumption of a week for a car then high consumers will be followed up. In fact there is a worry among all parliament about the future of fuel card and gasoline quota.  

However, experts say that to prevent consumption increment and fuel quota there would be only 2 ways, "quota” and "price increment” but other experts think that we have to move forward to the consumption management and changing patterns of using.  They believe that the culture and change of people's patterns of gasoline consumption is more efficient than rationing and subsidizing people. In fact, basic work is being done to optimize future use for future generations, but grammatical and compulsory programming will definitely stop its performance, as it has been in years to come, and no longer work.

In the same vein, Hedayatullah Khademi, a member of the Energy Commission of the Parliament on "Restoring the Fuel Card Without Ratio" and "Restoring the Fuel Card with Ratios" as suggested by the Islamic Consultative Research Center for managing fuel consumption and smuggling, says several ways to control There is fuel consumption and smuggling, most notably the development of a transportation and public transportation system, where people do not need a personal car to do their daily business.

He also believes that the production of gas, electric and one-size-fits-all is one of the important ways to tackle over-consumption of gasoline. The price of gasoline should also be effective so that people do not use the car out of their real needs.

At the moment, the government and parliamentarians are unanimously convinced that in the current situation, the gasoline quota is not in favor of the people in the current economic conditions of the country, the government does not even attempt to ration gas if it is willing to do so, because in the current situation it is sure that two gasoline rates It will also lead to high inflation and inflation, while most of the basic commodities of people are multiplied by their prices over the past few months, there will be no drag on this rise in prices in the community.

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