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Publish Date : 14 March 2019 - 08:58
For more than a year, the cycle of getting rid of worn out vehicles has stopped. The lights of the centers have been shrinking every day, and according to the head of the Association of Automobile Guard Centers, 216 car outlets in the country have been shut down, 190 of which have been shut down.
Khodrocar - One of the issues that Rahmani was expected to pay particular attention to in the automotive industry was to save the car from wearing out due to the exemption of domestic automakers during the car import ban. But not only did not happen for a few months to the casualties centers, which, according to Mohammad Hussein Goudarzi, chairman of the Association of Automobile Guard Centers, is currently in breach of the rules for the abolition of the car and the lifting of binding regulations for domestic producers in the country as well as the import ban Foreign cars, refueling centers have been completely shut down, and if government authorities do not make a decision to resolve these problems, they will soon be shut down.
Now that we are in the final days of the year, and the cold season and the intensification of pollutants in the air are reduced, there is a greater concern that the lost vehicles will be forgotten and no more lights will be left in these centers.
Recently, Majid Kianpour, a member of the parliament Civil Affairs Committee, expressed concern over the status of car livelihoods centers that the centers are in critical condition, which has endangered the employment of thousands of workers and personnel at these centers.
The MP also referred to the need for government support from automobile resettlement centers, saying the government should not allow thousands of unemployed to change some policies, so they need to have special credit resources for buying and selling cars. The relevant centers are set up to re-enable their cycle.
Late in December, the head of the numbering and switching license plate of the Navarra police said that the reduction in the 65 percent reduction of the car out of this year's vehicles has been announced, which is likely to increase to the present day in the last days of the year of 1997, And it's probably over 70%.

It seems that in the hard years of the automotive industry, the disappearance of worn-out cars and the status of scavenging centers had nothing to do with the government's program of ministries, and they could not think about it. It is strange that it is important to preserve the environment and reduce pollutant emissions, which was not even noticeable in the cold seasons, and it was only the neglect of carburetor motorcycles that were considered not to be the end. The advanced countries each year have special plans to scuttle their worn out vehicles and maybe it's not bad to have a hard time thinking about getting worn out by designing their designs. We should be hopeful that next year, the lights of the car's centers will be turned on again with the right decisions and the wheel of the centers will be rotated.

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