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Publish Date : 13 March 2019 - 10:06
Auto makers which was turbulent during recent weeks is now keeping calm in shadow of production increment and price reduction and now brokers are losing hope in this market.
Khodrocar - Auto market is cooling down in the final days of the year and prices are decreasing while we are reaching the New Year. As production declines, has pushed up prices, and now its increasing trend has pushed down prices on the market.

Over the past two three weeks, the production of riding cars has increased significantly, according to self-organizer statements, with the arrival of automakers from over two thousand cars a day since the last two weeks. This growing trend of improved vehicle supply to the market In addition to boosting production can play a significant role in lowering prices and making the market more comfortable.

About 20 percent of daily production of automakers in different products is allocating to urgent sale and 30 days delivery promises which has millions of IRRs less price than the market. 
"The slowing down of the excitement that led to the arrival of a large number of ordinary people and the purchase of cars on the pretext of becoming more expensive in the future would not demand the market now and we see price cuts. He also spoke in demand on the market, saying that if car makers do not sell their products, the price of cars will not increase so much.” Saeed Motameni, president of car show owners told khodrocar reporter. 

It seems that as automotive dealers and car dealers always point out, car makers are on the supply side and the Eid market has returned to some degree with the supply of automakers. Increasing production alongside the 30-day supply of automakers will continue to endure, according to many experts from other dealers in the market, they will not benefit from it and the turmoil in the car market will not come.
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