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Publish Date : 12 March 2019 - 09:22
These days, automakers are working harder to deliver pre-sale cars to customers and control the market like other years but these year is a bit different.
Khodrocar – production increment in final days of the year is an ancient ritual for automakers. Production rate of second 6 months of the year is always more than first 6 months of the year.

But this year sanctions were stronger and make difficulty for the auto industry. Automakers faced with challenges that force them to decrease the production and cut out the relation with foreign partners.

Production crisis continued till the daily production decreased 60 to 70 percent. IKCO and Saipa which were producing 2500 cars daily were producing less than 1000 cars a day.

The hard days of the car industry continue, but with the efforts of the makers and injecting some of the required liquidity, the industry has reoccurred again, and now there is a competition to increase production in both major automakers of the country. A competition that has changed both the workforce and its fruits to shorten the waiting time for customers to submit their registration vehicles.

What is certain is the continuation of this trend and the maintenance of increased production requires injection of liquidity and government and bank support from this industry, which employs about 60 industrial fields and naturally boom in that major part of the country's industry and trade comes with it.

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