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Publish Date : 11 March 2019 - 08:42
The US and international sanctions have pushed for the automotive industry in Iran for some time now, and it's difficult to continue to produce cars in the country. Many experts believe that in order to circumvent sanctions, we need to reach automotive self-sufficiency before the deal.
Khodrocar - Automobile experts always regard the main problems of the automotive industry before the international sanctions on the automobile industry, the weakness of manufacturing infrastructure in the country, are blamed for the downfall of the industry. Some experts also consider price suppression and pricing as one of the causes of automotive problems.
"Under current conditions, the government needs to have a precise program to address the problems of production by looking at the technical knowledge and technology.” Amir Hossein Kakaei, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Even if the discussion of sanctions is not in place at the moment, the discussion of banking relationships and the FATF is so important that transparency of financial connections is clear. When you do not have the right to exchange money in a country's economy, there's nothing else to do. Even to avoid sanctions, getting in touch with countries such as India and Russia will not resolve until these financial and banking problems are resolved.” He added.
"In the current state of affairs, I propose that Iranian automakers should have a logical and comprehensive relationship with the world. I have no doubt that, if our communications were logical and far from unilateral discussions of power, the state of the automotive industry is better than what we see today. But the situation now does not seem to improve in light of the political and economic outlook over the next two or three years. So the right way is to invest in our internal capacities, along with weaknesses that Now we can’t cover the import. This requires a development system in the country. Our eyes are mostly overseas and we have to correct this look in such a situation.” He also continued.

The expert emphasizes that some automotive industry activists believe that without the presence of the global automotive industry, there is not a possibility for the industry to come to the industry, but since this is not currently available, it would be better to have a different solution. Although it is talked about in this case, it does not come to the forefront because this requires a fundamental change.

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