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Publish Date : 10 March 2019 - 10:00
It’s been years that Chinese has a good share of Iran’s car market and a reason of this success is the cheap price of their cars. But while the cars are cheap, the after sale services aren’t and have expensive prices.
Khodrocar – in recent years and especially after America’s sanctions against Iran, Chinese products got better market in Iran and even those cars which didn’t have customer in china sold very well in Iran due to reasonable price and good options. It isn’t fair to say that all Chinese cars were poor quality but some of them got more famous for the cheap price for example cross overs and SUVs got sold very well because people didn’t have the money to buy luxury cars.

However while buying Chinese cars are cheap, after sale services and spare parts are expensive. Many of the car customers have been accused of the high cost of spare parts for these cars and say that sometimes the spare parts of Chinese spare parts are more expensive than European and Korean spare parts. But what is the cause of this?

"Spare parts are capturing the cars in supplement problems and supplying parts is getting harder every day. Our banking resources are closing down, and the only way to transfer money is the official banking network, which is currently not possible to transfer money to Chinese companies, which is why the supply of parts is difficult, and hardly these parts are supplied and one of the reasons for expensive parts of Chinese vehicles is now the same.” Nader Vahab Aghaei, after sale service expert told Khodrocar reporter.

"The same thing happened to the car now in the field of spare parts supply. And we will probably see in the future that the import of the piece will be limited to the country” he added.

US sanctions have made the situation that the problem of supplying parts for domestic vehicles is now in difficulty, although many experts and people believe that the Chinese will reduce their profits from car prices to spare parts, but The conditions for registering spare parts orders and then the transfer of money and its process is now very difficult for companies. Another issue that prompts these expensive Chinese spare parts is the smuggling of these parts to the country, which provides smugglers with smugglers who need to inspect and control the relevant authorities.

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