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Publish Date : 09 March 2019 - 12:54
According to the critical situation of country, in 1397 first effect come to car industry and car market, main problems was according to sanctions, car manufactures couldn’t provide parts and CKD, and couldn’t deliver car to their customers, this problem result was many customers lose their confidence, this sanction was unpredictable, and car companies face big problems, but customer have their rights. .
Khodrocar_One of the company, don’t have delay,   was modiran khodro, with good planning and preparation  can deliver on time all commitments to the customers , another side they have good prediction and management for spare parts ,  from this side this company have acceptable situation , compare with reality of the market. And get good confidence to the customers. 

In this hard situation of the market, MVM and Chery has quick delivery and its big advantage. 

MVM can get best customers satisfy rank for sale,  for second time.

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