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Publish Date : 07 March 2019 - 09:41
auto industry which face different problems after their european partners left the country are looking for possible partners to replace them. In this matter we are hearing the name of Russian and Indian in media for possible future partners.
Khodrocar - However talks with Russian and Indian automakers has not been approved by industry officials, some experts are saying that this talks are for turning over sanctions and supplying joint venture car's spare parts.

But if they are possible replacment then its a worry that how much Iranian side has power to put pre-conditions for this partners.

"In current condition we can't be hopeful about taking advantages from companies because rightnow Chinese are scare to work with us and it's a bad news for the whole industry. Current condition of currency is turbulant and it is not good for foreigners to work in Iran." Farbod Zaveh, an expert of auto industry told khodrocsr reporter. 

"If the other side agree to transfer the technical knowhow to Iran then it won't be helpful for us because producing the parts of a car with low production rate is not beneficial and economical." He added.

"I am not positive about this negotiations and talks. We are talking about the Autovavz which owns Lada and most of its share is for the Renault so if Renault could stayed in Iran then they would be here with that much of investing." Amir Hossein Kakaei told khodrocar reporter. 

"Commiunication needs some structure that dosen't related to automakers and it relates to economy and political reasons. We need to solve relation problems first because we have some problems like banking problems that need to be done. 

However this talks has not been approved by the officials but some Russian officials had talked about it. After talks we have to see the beginning of Autovavz in Iran but some expert says that if this talks is to turning over sanctions then they should be signed in silent.Other point is this Russian company has 67.7 percent in Renault hands. so we have to see what will happen in future.
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