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Publish Date : 06 March 2019 - 10:02
According to statistics vehicle production has decreased for 40 percent compare to last year but production reduction has been stopped and production is increasing.
Khodrocar – During February 41 thousand and 370 cars produced which 99 percent of them are for light cars. This statistic is not decreasing compare to its previous month and it has been increased for about 4774 units.

Also quality of products has not been decreased compare to past months. In first price section Peugeot 2008, New Mazda 3, Grand Vitara. In second price section Kia Cerato, Hyundai Accent. In third price section B30, Changan cs35. In fourth price section Renault Sandro, Tondar 90 +,Peugeot 207 A, Pars Tondar and Brilliance H230 have 4 stars of quality.

In the Heavy Trucks section of the 85NMR Cargo Box, the K75NPR, Hyundai 65HD, Isuzu M75NPR, Volvo 500FH, the Scania 410G and Volvo 460FH, qualify for the 4-star qualitatively high-quality self-propelled vehicles this month. In the passenger sector, the Vana Passenger Van has been awarded the highest quality car manufacturing quality this month with four qualitative stars.

However the auto industry is getting more stable and is going toward peace but compare to same period in last year the production rate has decreased for 40 percent.

According to statistics of ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade production rate of IKCO has decreased for 40.9 percent and 37 percent of SAIPA’s production has been decreased.

These statistics and the decline in production were predictable by experts despite the country's economic problems, and it was not unbelievable. But in the current situation, it's no surprise that the decline in production has not affected car quality. Even though the production trend is increasing in the final months of the year, according to the sale and sale of automakers for price moderation in the market, it is hoped that the auto industry will take a new life.
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