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Publish Date : 01 March 2019 - 09:53
Imported vehicle market had hard days during recent years and even this market changed its way to production in a period of time but sanction and importation ban change the way of this market completely.
Khodrocar – Auto industry was developing after JCPOA and it was doing great but sanction came and change the face of this industry entirely.

This happened while always reporters were warned the governmental officials but they didn’t listen. Anyhow, sanctions and local mismanagement were reasons to make tension in different markets especially auto market. The government was trying to make the conditions better but its own body wasn’t working well.
"Imported vehicle market had hit hard from vehicle importation ban but in passed years when the sanctions were harder importation continued.” Kamran Talebi Far, an expert of imported cars market told khodrocar reporter. "Sanction was for the international relation between automakers and was a reason to leave Iran and left their partners alone.”

"While the government ordered to clear stocked cars in customs about two months ago but not even a car has cleared from customs and about 16 thousand cars are in customs.” He added.

"Most of stocked cars in customs are for the customers and they should be delivered to them. Also about 90 percent of companies used 42000 IRRs currency to import and they should pay for the price difference which will increase the final price.” he said.

"Over the past two years, the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce has been importing car imports, which has invested many domestic companies in this field, which some companies have been able to produce and supply.” He added. "Production should be done in a logical and economical volume, so that the price of the finished product can be calculated cheaper and more economically. At the global level, it is always for the parent company to select a mother basket that has a reasonable circulation and price.”

"Failure to reach the final result in the production of foreign cars from importing companies was not only due to sanctions problems, and the ban was significant in this regard, not to mention that some Japanese and European brands left the market due to sanctions.” He said.

With these interpretations, it can be said that if governments plan more precisely in the field of industry, economics, and investment, open and open-minded domestic and foreign companies can continue to operate in Iran, for example, in the past months, all commodities were valued at 4200 tomans, but at the same time It was announced that it was necessary to pay the difference between the price of the currency, while the goods had entered the customs of the country, this disrupted all the equations and pre-sales plans of importers in various industries.

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