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Publish Date : 27 February 2019 - 09:50
In the last days of the year illegal car services are getting busy and experts say that people should ask the service from the main company to have legal services because in these days legal car services won’t work without main company supervision.
Khodrocar – in these days of the year market of vehicle services and after sale services get busy and mostly illegal companies are working legal companies are working all days of the year and have close relation to importers and automakers.

Illegal companies are looking for customer with phone calls and giving fake offers to them. Legal companies are giving service with the supervision of main company and if they couldn’t fix the car then they will tow it to the nearest representation with a reasonable price.

"Car services should have different and essential certificates which 6 months ago some of them were from municipality and some of the were from roads and transportation organization but according to the new law all licenses are from Industry, Mine and Trade organizations in each provinces.” Alireza Berengi told khodrocar reporter.
"Due to the changes in law and lack of new instruction, some companies started to work in car services field which some services are like fake service cards, none-technical servicing.” He added.

"Car services are responsible to repair or transport the damaged car so they will be under monitoring for better services but when customers are using illegal car services there would be no control on what actually doing.” He said.

"In the area of authorized vehicle repairs, there is precise monitoring, and if complaints are filed by vehicle owners and customers, monitoring and evaluation teams will take action against customer complaints, while authorized companies with major car makers and major importers and the quality of services is also checked by mother companies.” He said.

"Worldwide post-sales services are a type of marketing and advertising, but in Iran, as it should not be considered after-sales services, and only during the near days to the Eid, due to corporate social pressures, they are thinking of providing after-sales services that should be of this The method of service is separated and walked throughout the year in line with customer satisfaction.” He answered

"During an agreement with some importing companies not seeking car sales and direct contact with parent companies in the United States, carriers will be served and their cars will be shipped to authorized dealers if they need to be shipped and repaired.” He added.

It can be said that people should be careful when making phone calls to car dealerships, since color cards are generally not designed by manufacturing companies and importers, and if so, the parent company informs customers via marketing and sales units.

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