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Publish Date : 25 February 2019 - 09:20
Auto industry is under a bad pressure of sanctions and can’t deliver after JCPOA cars so they are offering replacement cars for customers and some experts believe that replacement car would be beneficial for customers and automakers.
Khodrocar – Auto industry has been under harr pressure of sanctions twice even with the international agreement and it wasn’t only for the auto industry. Automakers didn’t pay attention to the sanctions restoration and continue their programs even reporters warn them about it but now production stops and they can’t fulfill their promises and now customers are angry because they order cars last year and now they can’t receive their cars.

Now automakers are offering replacement cars to prevent loses and give cars to customer are reminding their plan in 10 years ago. Now it is a question that does customers has right to be angry and why automakers didn’t have a future vision?

"During sanctions automakers will be in "Force Major” situation and during this situation all promises and contracts will be closed. In this condition customers can’t ask for their cars because automakers didn’t have a part in sanctions.” Farbod Zaveh, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"I didn’t see any similar situation about this before. In current condition automaker should return the money with profit but Iranian automakers are offering cars instead of money. Cars have a good profit margin and if customers take the replacement car then they will have less losses.” He added.

"Globally there is no other country experiencing the condition of Iran so we don’t have any similar situation in the world.” Babak Sadraei told khodrocar reporter. "At the time when sanctions are imposed, there is a final pressure on the consumer, and that despite the experts predicting that there was a possibility of a US boycott, car makers started to sell cars.”

"Only way to end this matter is return the customer money with profit or offering any replacement car but at the end customer has right because automaker should have future vision.

It can be said that customers do not have the right to object to legal rights. If they can take alternative vehicles from the automaker and put them on the market, they will benefit greatly from the significant margins of the car in the last few months, but on the other hand Those who were interested in riding were new cars and they did not get the profit of their registration, somewhat in their heads.

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