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Publish Date : 24 February 2019 - 09:36
It has been said that ticket price of bus and minibus will get increase in the Eid of Nowroz and experts believe that these price increment is happening due to the increment in spare part price.
Khodrocar – Mohammad Eslami, Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced that price ticket of buses and minibus will increase, however airlines said they won’t increase their prices and they will give services with past prices.

People think that ticket price is tied to the fuel price increment but now fuel price is stable and it’s a question why ticket price are getting increase for Eid?

"In the current situation, the increase in ticket prices or, in better terms, the cost of interurban travel by bus and minibus is avoided, as the production of inter-urban vehicles has fallen sharply, and this has caused a substantial rise in the price of the vehicle and the main investment has brought along.” Ali Ensafi, Chairman of the Tehran Traveler's Union told khodrocar reporter.

"Last year, the cost of an intercity bus was about 600 million, which now stands at 1 billion and 800 million. Also, the volume of production of minibuses in the country has fallen sharply and the price of a minibus for the owner and driver it is about 350 million tomans, so the stability and lack of an increase in the cost price of interurban city trip is irrational.” He added.
"In the passenger class, one of the costs of working and traveling passengers is the supply of tires and accessories, which prices of these products have increased sharply in the last year, and only to solve the purchasing problems and reduce the price of rubber, the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Rubber Trade Drivers put. In recent years, governments have been making significant contributions to the production and use of heavy vehicles for intercity transportation, but in the current context, these support has been greatly reduced.” He added.

"The biggest problem in the current situation is the lack of genuine and principled support for production, which has been accompanied by high bank surpluses.” He said.

Regarding these issues, it can be said that if there is significant support for production in terms of production of the product and the quality components, the middle class of society that uses Norouz travels from public transport would be less costly. Of course, it should not be prevented from raising reasonable prices because there are no support conditions for a passenger and passenger service provider, because the price is always like a spring that, if kept too unreasonable, at a time Abandoned and has devastating effects.

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