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Publish Date : 21 February 2019 - 09:00
Observing the auto market show the price increment in recent days which is logical due to the last days of the year but worrying thing is price increment is way different with previous years.
Khodrocar - Every year people are changing their cars to have trip during holidays in Nowroz and it’s a reason that we see price increment but this year price increment was very different with previous years and it may be happened because of other reasons. 

"This year is different with past years because of the turbulence in economy and pricing products and it isn’t just for auto market and other markets have infected too.” Hassan Karimi Sanjari, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter. 

"Vehicle price changes is effected by some parameters that some of them are demand, supply, currency tension and … " He added. 

"Given the issues raised, it can be said that the pressure on the demand side has increased over the past years, which has disturbed the balance of supply and demand, which should not ignore the presence of speculators in supply and demand and registration because they are for profit Most are in the market and the price of the car changes in the market.” He said. 

"If the unrealistic demands that are taken out of the market for profitability and keeping the value of money into the car market are eliminated, the price of the car will definitely decrease at the market level.” He added. 

With these interpretations, the reason for the increase in the price of cars in the final days of this year is the expected inflation of people next year, and next to this, if there is a good place to invest in people's welfare in employment and production markets, such as cars, coins And the currency does not suffer damage and their logical conditions go away.

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