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Publish Date : 17 February 2019 - 09:36
Change in the body of the government will change the automakers structure and these changes are not good because they are rerouting the way of automakers and reduce efficiency and even foreign partnership.
Khodrocar – an important part of taking a company to its goals is picturing the goals and finding the ways to reach it. Picturing goals is the work of members of the board but reaching that goal is the job of CEO. This happen while the manager knows the exact time of his management so he or she could do whatever he wants.

An example is the management in Mercedes Benz so since the beginning of management know that he would be in charge till 2018 and reach some goals. Also he draw a roadmap to goals and even all partners and workers know what they have to achieve till 2018.  

But this matter is different in Iran and people aren’t staying to much behind the table of management so in the best condition they will change with the president. This changes has become a problem for the whole industry and reduced the efficiency.

This is happening while Iran had foreign partners and they has to know that what is the plan of Iranian side and how they will follow the contract but management changes has made everything impossible.

"In choosing managers the period of management is so important because without a sight they can’t make a long term plan and they have to choose current and sudden decisions instead of looking forward. Managers in this situation are thinking of going through the situation and thinking and making decisions on a daily basis; these managers will not, in principle, have the ability to be upfront, and they can’t get out of the turmoil.” Amir Hossein Kakai, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"In the global environment, it's possible that the management time of a person is short, but the stability of the middle class managers always prevails, this is completely different from the terms of management in Iran, and there is instability in the middle managers, which reduces productivity, dynamism and look.” He added.
"In the automotive industry, when there is instability in mid-level managers, product innovation is drastically reduced, and mid-level middle managers with only a moderator change.” He said. "Many managerial changes mean that there is no stability among specialized executives, and the design and production life of a product is very long, in the past years, products such as Tiba and Roham were involved with management changes that took a lot of time to market.”

"Managers with short time range are looking for the result and sudden decision. This is considered a pest for automobile companies, and it is only a circulation of production, a degree of quality and an assessment of the manager, and the manager, who, because of the examination and promotion of the quality of production, prevents the continuation of the production line, is not known as a hero.” He continued.

Kakai adds: "Management change will be a factor in not developing foreign co-operation, and if it does, the provisions of the contracts are not very detailed, and these provisions do not come about in the long run and in order to achieve significant and essential assets.

With these comments, it can be said that at the time of appointment, managers should be aware of their management life, in order to design their own short, medium, and long-term plans and the board of directors, but that does not mean it. That if executives, especially directors of state-owned automakers, were excluded from the mainstream and involved in policy-making in their decisions, would not be waived.

The remarkable thing is that new executives appear to be committed to the overall goals of their organization and to respond to the commitments made by previous administrators.

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