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Publish Date : 13 February 2019 - 08:11
Automakers have difficult days due to hard sanctions of USA and some of them relay on foreign partners and entered in the industry. Expert believe that CKD automakers have to find Chinese partners to keep living.
Khodrocar – after sanction began most of foreign automakers left the country but Iranian automakers thought that they can have relation with Chinese automakers instead of European but after a while they found out that even Chinese are not interested to work with Iran due to problems of transferring money.

Now the question is what should local automakers do to pass this condition and can they find a replacement for the Chinese?

"Chinese companies are selling their products in USA and the country has benefits in that country so during sanctions they will obey USA rules.” Farbod Zaveh, an expert of auto industry told Khodrocar reporter.

"In current situation there is no replacement for Chinese automakers because all automakers have benefits in economy of USA.” He added.

"Local automakers may wait for the support of the government of other countries of JCPOA or accept to decrease producing lower CKD products.” He said.

"During sanctions those CKD companies can’t keep going and their life doesn’t have any added value for the country because their localization is a little. Localization in part making after the JCPOA was good just for some few parts because even if all products were produced locally except one then final product wouldn’t exit the production line.” He added.

"The vision of localizing all parts from partners companies products like Renault, Peugeot or other Chinese companies with Iranian finance in order to prevent any failure in the future is wrong.” He said. "In the car dealership contracts, the conditions for the foreign party should be such that these companies did their business with significant investments in Iran, so that they would not leave Iran to protect their interests by imposing sanctions on the United States.”

"After JCPOA ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade didn’t act well to attract more investors. The CKD's assembly car makers must satisfy their Chinese side to continue their activity to receive at least indirectly the goods that foreign parties, especially Chinese, seem interested in continuing their activities indirectly.” He continued.

According to the commentary, it appears that domestic companies have to cope with the current decline in production circulation in order to continue their lives, and also seek to strengthen their cooperation with the foreign side, especially the Chinese, so that the production line does not move.

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