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Publish Date : 12 February 2019 - 09:33
Minister of industry said that vehicle production has increased but statistics of past 10 months show the decrement of production which won’t be cover by a little production increment and this is making automakers worry about fulfilling their promises.
Khodrocar – The news of production increment after all those problems was a good news that minister of industry announced. The main goal of the ministry is keeping production safe and continuing current condition due to problems.

He also said that since the beginning of the year till the first of January, 812,972 cars produced which is 35.4 percent less than last year in the same period.

On the other side production statistics of two main automakers of the country still negative. IKCO produced 358,980 cars which is 39 percent less than last year. Saipa produced 352,837 cars which is 34.6 percent less than last year.

Statistics of production in the past 10 months are not very well but daily increment in production which happened because of easing clearance of parts from customs and supplying part is bringing hope back that in the last months of the year production became better.

Also, ministry of industry will gave 40 thousand billion IRRs to automakers as a facility. They will give this money to art makers as a part of automakers debt. Surely this will help the whole industry very much.

Mohamad Reza Najafi Manesh once said that for supporting automakers 110 to 150 thousand billion IRRs has been predicted which has not approved yet. He also said that automakers debt to part makers is about 150 to 200 thousand billion IRRs.

The secretary of the Auto Parts and Vehicles Manufacturers Association said a few days ago that the car companies had begun to pay a commission of four billion bucks to be made available to component makers, and that the banks were going to directly pay the bills according to The list of car makers they provide to the makers.

In any case, however, we should have hoped that the production figures in February and March of this year would be better off by paying for the demands of the manufacturers, so that car makers would no longer be ineffective in fulfilling their obligations and, consequently, incurred production costs this year and witnessed losses. And their losses are not on the stock exchange.

Khodrocar Reporter: Sepideh Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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