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Publish Date : 11 February 2019 - 09:43
Iran’s auto industry has experienced ups and downs during years. Auto industry as the second industry of the country had potential to develop but its the first choice of sanctions during years.
Khodrocar - Iran’s auto industry with producing 1.5 million cars in last year bacame the 16th producer of cars in the world. The second industry of the country never developed as it was expected. 

Most experts believe that after 50 years of producing cars we still produce old and worn out cars and these cars are making people and even officials unhappy. Others believe that this industry is producing 10 percent of GDP and 4 percent of all human workforce are working in this industry and it shows that auto industry is improving so its results will be exportation to other countries. 

According to statistics near 15 thousand factories are producing auto parts and 39 foreign countries are buying parts from Iran. Also 70 percent of tire’s demand is produce in the country. Also lots of side industries born around the parent industry.

We can’t deny that one of main topics of auto industry is quality and standard which criticized a lot. Standard Organization tried to hard to stop production if dangerous cars but sanctions from USA had effects on it. 

But criticizers believe the reason for disability of auto industry is not only sanctions but blindfolded helps of the government is another reason that our products is not updated. Important action in this matter is limiting importation which removed the competitiveness from the market. Also supporting local production should be in a frame to make improvement. 

All activists believe that the government should reduce its part in the industry and privat  sector should be more responsible then the industry will find its real position. 

Khodrocar reporter : Sepideh Ghazi Nejad 

Khodrocar Translator : Amin Zamani
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