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Publish Date : 08 February 2019 - 09:38
The state of vehicle that should be clear from the customs has not been announced to the TPO but stocked cars will be clear with new order registration and ministry of industry is trying to ease the procedure.
Khodrocar – after a long time and several problems for importers finally approval of clearing cars announced by the government. After that the approval of conditions for clearing cars from customs announced and all cars with those conditions had the right to be clear.

First, the government gave the permission to clear cars without transferring currency but president of central bank refused it then the government had to correct its own approval and base of clearing was importation and entering the custom before 6 August.

In this approval has been said that all cars that have the base condition of clearing should obey technical, environmental and emission standards and have guarantee and after sale services in official representatives. It is also pointed out that the year of construction of cars will not be the standard for order registration, clearance, and numbering, and the operating banks are obliged to receive a letter of commitment from importers in order to receive and settle the excessive exchange rate received by the Senate on the day of the discharge.

Also, the basis for salaries and salaries will be determined on the basis of the legal basis of this year's budget. If the order and discharge order is carried out in 1398, the rules of the next year's tariff will be based on the determination of customs duties.

Meanwhile, yesterday a news announced that ministry of industry established the approval of clearing cars from customs and order registering for cars is not forbidden but it has a 2 months deadline.

According to this order registering for cars which are in customs will be out of currency transferring and due to one section of it those importers who used bank order placing could pay the money difference within 9 months after clearance.

Accordingly, importers have been given a nine-month time limit to meet their currency obligations in order to clear their cars and operate their currency options.

The government and the Ministry of Interior have taken steps to facilitate the clearance process for customs-cleared cars, and importers can benefit from the opportunity, although it may be late for this matter, and customs cars remain in the customs during this time. The country has left a lot of costs in the hands of the incumbent companies, but at the very least these companies can act as part of their efforts. And maybe they can straighten their curved straps a little.

Khodrocar Reporter: Sepideh Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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