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Publish Date : 07 February 2019 - 10:14
Despite the many problems for the automotive industry in the country, Dickie's automotive market enthusiasts believe that the year 97 will end up with supply and supply problems, but there should be a detailed plan for supplying and supplying spare parts next year.
Khodrocar - Close to the end of the year, the volume of demand for car purchases and vehicle updates will increase in the form of car repair and changing its face. In the current state of the country, however, the technical and apparent updating of the car may be somewhat problematic because, according to the Automobile Association, 80,000 vehicles have remained in the factory floor due to the lack of parts, and it is likely that the shortage will also spill over into the spare parts and accessories market.

The probability of this shortage is expected while many of the importing companies are out of Iran, and the small private sector operating in the field of supplying parts in the free market has somewhat been targeted at companies and even when official dealers in Iran was active. Some companies needed their own free market.

"At the moment, due to the close proximity of the Eid in the majority of cars this year, the market does not face shortage of spare parts, but it should be emphasized that the spare parts market, especially in imported cars for the next year, will need to manage supply and supply Spare parts.” Gholam Reza Bakhshi Zadeh, chairman of spare parts association told khodrocar reporter.

"In market management, according to the demand and age of a part, orders should be placed. Stocked parts in customs are clearing and we hope to see this products in the market soon.” He added.

"Currently, the market is not facing any shortage but some high demand parts are supplying with higher prices and limited. Spare parts are supplying by the representative of producers companies and it’s a responsibility of main company to supply the market.” He said.

"Due to market conditions and projections, it seems that there will be no shortages in the supply of domestic products, especially in the form of high-volume products, but for the next year, the parent company should provide a suitable program for supplying and supplying spare parts. In addition to parent companies, the private sector has ordered, according to market requirements, the spare parts needed for imported and imported products, part of which has been introduced to the market by the time of the discharge of the customs, and Amir goes all the supplies to be marketed.” He added.

"The most important part in the supply of spare parts in the field of trucks and tank vehicles is because of the fact that these categories of transport vehicles have the task of shifting the load and the needs of the whole country, which is very high consumption of spare parts of these vehicles.” He added.

With that, the market for supplies and spare parts this year and the days leading up to the new year will be no problem, but it should be a good plan for the next year. Part of Zadeh, chairman of the Automobile Spare Parts Association, stated that some sellers and suppliers set their products at the daily exchange rate, which according to the text of the law and the words of the head of the Chamber of Guilds of Iran is against the law and the supply price Products should be legal in accordance with the official purchase and profits.

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