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Publish Date : 06 February 2019 - 09:10
Auto industry has faced a difficult condition due to political and economy problems that past plans won’t answer the needs of today or future of the country. Experts believe that new planning should be done based on reality and R&D centers should start activity.
Khodrocar– While auto industry struggling to build a national platform, those who start auto making later than Iran are starting to produce all electric cars of even anonymous. This happen while whenever international relations were getting better European sides left Iranian producers alone.

Now what path should the country choose? Should they continue building a platform or start producing cars like big automakers? Important point is auto industry facing lots of problems and those companies which are producing anonymous cars sometime in the past produced high end cars.

"Car is a complicate product and fro designing, producing and improvement you need help of different current condition our automakers can’t use the help of foreign companies and meanwhile production rate is to important.” Shahram Fadakar, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"In today's automotive production, there is a need for other industries to be placed next to the automaker, for example, in the production of up-to-date vehicles, there are electronic components and artificial intelligence technology that the automaker alone can’t handle, and needs a specialized expert. Given the world's economic conditions, no international automotive manufacturing company is investing in the creation of a separate artificial intelligence and electronic technology company under its own umbrella, and they also use international partners.” He added.

"Imagination is a way to produce cars and we have to know that without help production is impossible. In current condition of the country with no international relation it is impossible also country has lost lots of chances for improvement.” He said. "We have to be realistic about ourselves and have a realistic plan for our future.”

"In realistic planning for auto industry in first step research units should be active but globally in industry there should be a relation between all sections from designing to production but Iran doesn’t have access to this matter.” Fadakar told khodorcar.

"R&D center of engine should start working and seriously work on national engine so auto industry could improve by this center and after sanctions it could relief the backwardness with cooperation. When it comes to the long-term development and planning of the morning, it should be considered what the country has, and individuals respect long-term policy and planning, and take the necessary measures to achieve them.” He said.

In the current situation, it would not be unrealistic to look for the growth and promotion of the automotive industry of the country to achieve a product such as self-propelled cars, and in order to achieve such products, it is necessary to upgrade the current products in the first step and, in cooperation with other industries and ministries, The country's automotive industry is closing to the world's top-of-the-line products on a daily basis.

Khodorocar Reporter: Sepideh Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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