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Publish Date : 02 February 2019 - 10:39
After the order of Ministry to give people their cars with previous prices and impose 110 thousand billion IRRs loses to automakers now it’s the job of observation organizations to find those who registered for cars.
Khodrocar – Mizan, Less than a week after the order of minister of Industry to deliver registered cars with previous prices to people automakers are giving their schedule of production to customers. This decision impose a 110 thousand billion lose to automakers but it was a nice sign of respect to customers and covering their loss. 

But there is a point in this matter and it’s about those people who bought many cars in the name of customers and again the problem of organizing subsidies happened here. 

Right now, automakers have customers that they are registering more than 100 cars and now they want participant benefit, delay penalty and even car. Now this matter is getting important because while ministry is stood firmly next to customers it’s the responsibility of supervision organizations to find these kinds of customers and prevent the brokers work. 

The consumption protection organization can have the list and make some ways to lower the lose risk of automakers and prevent brokers works in the market. Also Tax Affairs Organization can help them in this way. 

It is expected that with the entry of supervisory authorities, users will be sanctioned by the current conditions, some of which, even by forming various groups in social networks and cyberspace, stimulate some other customers to achieve their large profits and profits, and to form various gatherings in The automotive industry and the Ministry of Industry are calling for a serious deal.
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