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Publish Date : 01 February 2019 - 09:47
It is now roughly a month since domestic carmakers increased the final price of their vehicles. They looked for this increment for long, declaring the difference between the recent final prices of the vehicles with that in the past, therefor calling production not beneficial. The positive effect of such increment has not been yet seen on the car market as of today, not any deduction in prices happened yet.
Khodrocar – The increment finally happened after multiple meetings among minister of industry, mine and trade, carmakers and members of the cabinet. The act has got its own oppositions and yet has not granted what the carmakers and the minister expected so far.

After US sanctions affected car market, the cabinet planned on settling the market through a regulating plan. The plan changed name to automobile industry regulation plan but there are not positive outcomes yet. Now with the presale plans of the automakers and lots of lawsuits on the table, the cabinet took control over the action.

Saeid Madani, speaker of industries and mine commission said before that the car market has gone through a storm since what happened with JCPOA, car makers could not keep their promises and caused so many disaffection. 

The cabinet leads every day with new problems of the automobile industry but we hear less from approval or executions of new plans.

What market tells us these days is that the supply is still less than demand, unbalanced, and the price tag of domestic vehicles are yet increasing.

The mess storm of the automobile industry has also hit the stock market as well. Homayoun Darabi, expert of capital market said in talk with Khodrocar journalist that current situation is very complex due to the mess in all car makers groups. We do not expect any stable growth, at least not until end of the year political problems of carmakers are resolved.

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