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Publish Date : 31 January 2019 - 10:46
After sanction foreigners left Iran and some experts believe that mismanagement and pressure of some people didn’t let the execution of one of best auto industry contracts which had human resource development, vehicle exportation and quality increment.
Khodrocar – During the hot days of signing different contracts which managers were proud of them, question of reporters was, ”What will happen if sanctions return and what should foreign side do in that case?” but the question remain unanswered till the sanction came back and managers just watch commercial partners goodbye.

It seems that if managers were more careful in the time of signing contracts and didn’t close their eyes on sanction’s return them condition of auto industry would be better. Now the question is why government and automakers are not looking for new partners to lower the pressure.

"Current condition of economy and industry of the country is way harder than before, in past sanctions weren’t this much neat and there were ways to ditch them but now they can’t turn them down.” Hassan Karimi Sanjari, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.  

"In new sanctions America had use different policies with different countries to ban them from working with Iran and it is obvious in China’s relation. So we have to forget any contract that signed after JCPOA.” He added. "Important point is in current situation we have to see how contracts have been written that companies left Iran even before America’s sanctions.”

"Also execution process of contracts was important too because in this case Iranian side had to make the foreign side stay and don’t leave easily. After JCPOA, Renault contract was excellent and 60 percent of shares were for Renault but more than a year took to give Renault the permission of working.” He said.

"By start the start of Renault’s activity, business boost, significant export, quality increment could have happened to all local products but some people didn’t like it to happen. With the introduction of Renault in Iran, Renault remains the tool, knowledge and product in Iran, but without initiating sanctions, the European company left Iran without the slightest cost, and the people who did not have permission to operate the company in Iran should be allowed.” He continued.

"Start of activity by Renault in Iran could boost the business and employment also L90 wrong contents of contracts about exportation and localizing could happened. In the last year's contract, Renault was using its quality force in accordance with the terms of the contract and supervision of the French Government, and the quality of production was consistent with the global standard, which created competitive conditions for car production in the country.” He said.

Khodrocar Transpaltor: Amin Zamani
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