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Publish Date : 30 January 2019 - 09:33
Following the approval of the cabinet and making the execution instruction policies of order registering and clearing cars with stock paper announced. We should wait to see clearing cars from customs.
Khodrocar – The cabinet had an approval for clearing 13 thousand cars from customs without transferring currency but manager of central bank refused and the government corrected its approval.

After the approval, Mehdi Dadfar, chairman of vehicle importers association said:”First approval was good and activists were hopeful that the government wants to open knots of vehicle importation but it was wrong and cars are stock in the customs.”

"It’s not good that they are changing their own approvals several times and there is no one to take the responsibility of decisions. It shows that approvals are without any review and research.

Anyhow, yesterday the approval of 137161 of the government’s cabinet about decisions of imported vehicles and policies of entrance to the country announced.

According to the correction that chairman of central bank asked, the base of clearing cars without transferring currency is their entrance to the customs before 06 August 2018.

Although this is not a pleasure for car importers, and after a long period of time, the pressure and the many problems that prevented them from fulfilling their obligations, their hopes were again disappointed, but as soon as this instruction was announced, they would likely have many nodes for it And it will definitely be a good thing to get the cars out of customs.

Many people are waiting for their registered import cars and they have been cleared by customs clearance cars that have been under the sun, rain, and rain for months. The situation will be a little better, but it can not be ignored, as it is now. It's too late for these cars to be released, and many of them, too, are outdated and need to be overheated. This overhaul of cars will definitely cost a lot of money on the hands of the company, which is still unclear who will pay for it.

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