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Publish Date : 19 January 2019 - 09:43
Shortage of car’s components in past months has made a worry about the ending days of the year and this problem can became critical for the auto industry.
Khodrocar – After USA sanctions for the auto industry different problems came along for the automakers and vehicle importers. These problems were suspend of joint-venture contracts, first material price increment, exit of European automakers from country, production problems due to lack of components and many other problems that make activists to came near bankruptcy. The next crisis which is coming will be the shortage of spare components. President of vehicle repairmen association said that we have shortage problem now and near New Year this can be a difficult problem.

"This field has little problems but we tried hard to prevent bigger problems. The most important thing that happened in this field is we put all things in IT infrastructure. You can observe your network when you are working on IT infrastructure. In an online integrated system I can watch what my representatives are doing in all over the country then we will be able to check the consumption of parts in the network.” Reza Hosseini, expert of after sale services told khodrocar reporter.

"When a representative asks for 200 bumpers while they use only 10 in a month we find out that their maximum need is 12 bumpers in a month. This ask shows that they find out bumpers are expensive in free market so they ask for 200 then keep 20 of them to sell in free market with higher price so we tried to prevent this kind of actions in ISACO by having an IT infrastructure for observing.” He added.

"The company has 33000 to 34000 records of inventory and some of them are service items which are for guarantee and they are not commercial. About 200 inventory are commercial and we recognized them and connect them to the network and what we have as inventory so this can manage the network and prevent inflammation.” He said.

"Today, when the supply rate is low, it is trying to provide the dealers with focused and special assistance. The application is based on the chassis number of a car on the system, and based on that, the centralized inventory is sent for that piece of deal, and a series of policies like this are considered for managing the conditions. Despite this justice between agents, the network separates the emotional inflammation.” Manager of ISACO told.

"In this case, good things have happened that, despite the hard currency transactions, we are working on the potential of our offices outside of our country to provide Peugeot and Renault parts. Iran Khodro partners are much larger than other companies. Peugeot, Renault, two or three other partners from China. We are trying to supply better parts and carry out the money transfer properly.” Hosseini added.

The car dealer and after sales service activist also believes that we should not be talking with non-experts about the future of the situation of spare parts causing inflammation in the community and should only manage these conditions as best as possible in this Do not overlook the underlying problems.

Khodrocar Reporter: Sepideh Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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