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Publish Date : 18 January 2019 - 09:35
vehicle production has decreased in recent months and part makers problems has caused the unfinished cars production. the question is vehicle price increment can improve the condition or not?
Khodrocar - After a long time, last week vehicle price increment announced and prices came near side market price. Both automakers announced their new prices and cars like Pride which had expensive price now have stable price.

At the begining of the week, Saeed Motameni, chairman of vehicle seller and exhibitors told Khodrocar reporter that price changes hasn't effect on market but price reduction is happening. after a week he talked to our reporter again and said the market is stable. Right now, price reduction need injecting more car to the market which hasn't happened yet.

according to him, assembled cars have more price reduction due to more supply in market. Foreign car's market need more time to react to price decrease.

As it seems after a week the market hasn't react as expected to price increment and more changes need more supplying cars and injecting products to market. Reza Rahmani, minister of Industry, Mine and Trade once said: I ordered automakers to increase production and supply market to decrease the price.

He also said: "President ordered to support production units with 400 thousand billion IRRs loan to stop decreasing production rate and make an improvement in it.

Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part makers association said: "Near 90 thousand unfinished cars are stock in parkings of both automakers and if their problem remain then market won't change."

In recent months part makers are struggling with different problems so automakers made many unfinished cars. Now, price increment has happened and part makers are seeking to reduce components price and take their demand from automakers.

Khodrocar Reporter : Spideh Ghazi Nejad 

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani 
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