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Publish Date : 17 January 2019 - 09:32
The approval of government cabinet to clear 13 thousand depo vehicles in customs had a part which permit to register order for these cars without transferring currency but manager of central bank refuse this approval and the government corrected it.
Khodrocar – it’s a long time that vehicle importers are waiting for clearing their cars from customs. They can’t fulfill their promises to customers and asked the ministry and president to solve the problem.

The responsibility of clearing cars form custom has been on shoulder of ministry to announce the instruction in a week. Eshagh Jahangiri announced the approval and made the ministry to announce the instruction in a week. Meanwhile custom said that they won’t let any car leave the custom till the instruction of ministry announce. Also manager of central bank said they are not agree to clear cars without currency transfer.

He said the reason for disagreement is importing without currency transfer won’t clear the source of supplying currency. This is while central bank tried to make the currency market organized in past months. The new approval of government is a reason for chaos.

Due to this disagreement the government agreed to correct the instruction. It happened while the approval just needed the sign of minister to be executed. The instruction is correcting and importers should wait more to clear their cars from custom.

"While the government’s cabinet approved an instruction and for sure Mr. Hemati was in the meeting and said his opinion then this disagreement is not logical at all.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of vehicle importers association told khodrocar reporter.

"For sure Mr. Hemati is right but the important matter is the problem of country and 15 thousand people is the stock of these cars in customs. We should prepare ourselves for anything because we live in Iran and everything change in a night.” He added.

"It’s too bad that the government is changing his approvals continually and no one took the responsibility of what his doing. We wish they review instruction more and more before announcing.” He said.

"Near 12 days passed since the approval announced and about 10 days should wait for instruction announcement after that they will go for holidays and we have 1 month from all 4 months and even the correction needs more time which is not good at all." He said.

"Even if Mr Hemmati's opinion is correct, when it comes to setting up a law, the investigation must be complete. All the experts bring the beneficiaries and sit down and talk about it all. It is very bad that it is approved and afterwards its amendment is issued.” He added. "We do not know what the names of these events are, let's say, I do not know whether there is a lack of necessary cooperation or lack of information, or these problems were caused by the lack of expert work or the lack of a fabrication of comments. It may have to be called the disobedience.”

The deadline for the first vice president to the Ministry of Industry, which communicates the rules for entering and clearing cars in the customs, has even been approved by the Governor of the Central Bank even a few days later. But it is unclear how long the next day will be put into effect, and the opportunity for a four-month holiday, half of which will be on holiday, will be a pain for the importing companies. Again, government policies and decisions that go one after the other violate the importers, and it seems that this story still lasts.

Khodrocar Reporter: Sepide Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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