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Publish Date : 15 January 2019 - 08:00
Vehicle price increment happened bigger than what expected and it announced inexpertly in economy meetings and media. Also one side look was obvious in it.
Khodrocar – vehicle price increment happened due to first material price increase. If we put anyone else in the chair of management of automakers then they were more serious about price increment to keep their business living. 

After 10 months at last, consumer protection organization announced the new price of cars with high production rate. We wish they finalized their work sooner so many workers could keep their jobs and more units may continued their work.  

According to Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part manufacturer association most of part makers have serious liquidity problems and if these problems don’t solve very soon then they have to close their doors. Even this delayed price increment had some inexpert critics and some mangers said that this price increment is not logical. 

Some said that vehicle price broke records in this government and had 150 percent increment but it’s can be proven wrong by searching in prices of factory and the market. Comparing free market to factory price is not logical at all. Meanwhile house price increased for 127 percent and coin experienced 154 percent increment. 

If would be better if we hear that in the 10th government vehicles inexperience 200 percent increment. Iranian and under 450 million IRRs cars had sudden huge price increment. 

Of course, at the same time, there were some similar problems of boycott and an increase in the exchange rate, and to a certain extent the topic could be linked to these events, but the increase in car prices was much higher than the current rate relative to the increase of the exchange rate.

For example Peugeot Cl 2 was 140 million rial then suddenly became 330 million IRRs and other cars had price increment too. 

With these interpretations, it's better that the sensitivity to car prices, like many other commodities influenced by the exchange rate and inflation, is entirely in a logical space away from political fuss, which can at least be the other Criticizes the right and right of the customers to know more than the past.
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