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Publish Date : 12 January 2019 - 09:29
Management stability and implementing developed strategies in a period of time is necessary to pass problems and expand the auto industry but this isn’t happening at least in one of biggest Iran’s automakers.
Khodrocar – several changes in management and middle managers in auto maker companies is a main reason for auto industry backwardness and of course make loses for the industry. Because of that high mangers should put effort to keep their chairs as a manager and have lesser time to think about the targeted and long-term programs. 

This pressure and stress will distract any manager then add other problems such as sanctions, liquidity reduction, foreign partners left, part makers demand and worse than that long delay in delivering cars to customers. This problem has been bolder in SAIPA due to several management changes. 

These changes happened so soon that some managers even didn’t have time to visit their subsidiaries and handed the management to next manager. In recent 10 years management has passed between Ghale Bani, Bazrpash, Madani, Jamali, Jahroudi and now Soroush and it’s a sign of instability. 

And on the other side of the road IKCO has seen 3 mangers in 10 years and have stability in management so mangers had time to implement their strategies and the company became profitable before sanctions. 

In IKCO Manteghi give the management to Najmoaldin then Yeke Zare became manager. This stability has been happened in subsidiaries too and those companies are SAPCO, ISACO and IKCO financial company. 

On the other side all subsidiaries of SAIPA like Saipa yadak, Saipa diesel, Zamyad, Mega Motor and … experienced different management changes then they didn’t implement long time goals. 

What is certain is that the successive changes in the management of automobile companies, both in the public sector and in the private sector, could be a major dilemma for the future of the country's automotive industry, a major dilemma that even in a more professional attitude in large automotive companies The world is rarely seen.

Reza Hosseini / CEO of Khodrocar 
Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani 

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