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Publish Date : 05 January 2019 - 09:25
The new plans and moves of the government shows that the instruction of auto industry will completely change in the importation.
Khodrocar – announcing the budget bill in past days and not considering the income from importation made investors and vehicle importers sad. It shows that the government is not considering opening vehicle importation.

But is the decision to keep vehicle importation ban is without goal or scenario? The answer is no. the government’s decisions show that government is not considering opening vehicle importation and try to make investors hopeless.

By closing current companies in auto industry customers need after sales services and local production will be equipped after reopening vehicle importation and the sense of completion reborn then incomes from importation taxes, scrapping worn out and … will return to the government.

Government purposeful scenario to continue car imports

Finally, there should be only one scenario and the government will purposefully seeking to establish a quasi-governmental company to organize market and vehicle importation. It’s like tobacco company or a governmental business company then all income will go for the government. The market will have variety, customers of foreign cars will be happy, scrapping yards will be active and all other car import advantages will be provided, including the creation of a competition for domestic bad car manufacturers.

Justification of establishing a company

What is the justification for establishing a company like this?

The answer is not difficult, the government will justify this matter by saying that current companies are private and seeking their advantages and deny customers also by establishing the company vehicle importation activity will be controlled.

Time of execution

Finding the time of execution is a bit difficult because for establishing the company at first importer companies should be close and in the current condition and by continuing the vehicle importation ban even the most powerful companies will be closed in the next summer and it won’t be logical for them to continue activity. Then the government will carry out its predetermined scenario and will provide the company with the support of the past customers of imported vehicles, organizing the status of car imports, controlling air pollution by eliminating worn-out cars and creating diversity in the market and competing for domestic automakers. Restricting and importing the car more restrictively and more purposefully than ever.

Reza Hosseini - CEO of Khodrocar
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