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Publish Date : 04 January 2019 - 09:34
Car’s pricing has become a difficult challenge and the market still in an undecided condition.Some days we hear about the price decrease and other day prices increase.
Khodrocar - Pricing vehicle is still undecided and we hear different news about it each time. Every time an organization talk about it but it’s not clear which organization is responsible for this condition.

Not only auto market is suffering losses from this condition but automakers are waiting for new prices to giver presale cars to customers and some of them increased prices by themselves.

Also, it seems that otherwise of government’s effort to put away national competition council from pricing, they have some interfere in this matter. It was said that pricing vehicle has been given to the consumer protection organization but national competition council send a letter of an instruction to the president about vehicle price exclusivity.

However pricing vehicles remain in a shadow and there is no news from new prices. Experts have different opinion about this condition and some say increasing prices from automakers is a green light to liberalizing prices. Other say this a good way to cut the hand of brokers from the market. Nevertheless, liberalizing prices is good but have its own challenges otherwise automakers should answer why they increased prices before any announcement.

Some experts say that price increment happened out of the window of pricing under 450 million IRRs cars but the process of increasing prices is a bit questioning.

Beside all problems stocks value of automaker has faces challenges. Last week and after request increment for the stock of automakers an expert said it is not stable and will change very soon.

Automakers experienced some tension in their index in the past week and the reason for that was the amount of requests. As Homayon Darabi told khodorcar reporter, We were fluctuating at the prices of the control group but on the last day of the week, given that the exemption for asset valuation was approved by the government for 5 years, we saw the purchase of a queue for car symbols like Iran Khodro. However, the situation of car makers in the stock market is also not positively evaluated and the car market is still waiting for new prices.

We shouldn’t forget that it’s been a while that president of vehicle seller union said that automakers are controlling the market by controlling the supply. He also said in his latest statement that the price of cars will not increase by the end of the year due to the stabilization of the rate of imported cars and domestic vehicles. However, the pricing of cars remains uncertain and we have to wait until the government finds the key to this lock.

Khodrocar Reporter: Sepideh Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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