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Publish Date : 14 November 2018 - 09:18
In the past several months the auto industry was in uncertainty and pricing is handing over different organizations but finally its destiny is not clear. .
Khodrocar – Automakers suffered a lot since the beginning of the year so they are asking for price increment. As the price of first materials and currency rate increased the final price has increased for them so they want to increase prices officially to cover their losses. On the other hand they are okay with price liberalization to make stability between supply and demand.

The disagreement in pricing cars is continuing between the government and the parliament also they are fear from distressing market after price increment. On the other hand the president of vehicle seller union who has a great vision in auto industry believes that local market is exclusive and it needs a super vision.

He thinks that automakers can control the market buy controlling distribution and supply. The current condition is a way to control the market because they can complain about supplying market then the government will allow importation of vehicles with less than 15000 dollar price.

But on the other hand the parliament changed the auto market organization plan to auto industry organization plan and some of members in industry commission emphasized on increasing price and now they are fear from the future of the market. Javad Hosseini Kia yesterday said in the current situation while people are not able to buy a new car we can exempt them from paying added value and lower the final price.

Khodrocar Reporter: Sepideh Ghazi Nejad

Khodrocar Translation: Amin Zamani

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