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Publish Date : 06 October 2018 - 08:59
Minister of industry, mine and trade declared through an enactment that from the beginning of September, the National Competition Council is only an organization that suggests final price tag of some certain domestic cars in the market and the duty of approving this suggestion is up to headquarter of market adjustment. But National Competition Council does not agree and insists to be in charge of its former duty.
Khodroca – There were multiple news regarding National Competition Council was eliminated from the duty of pricing the domestic cars but they are were denied. It was said that in a meeting with presence of the minister and CEOs of domestic carmakers, the chairman of consumers and producers support organization said that the pricing duty of the domestic cars will be handed over to headquarter of market adjustment but chairman National Competition Council disagreed and said that there will be a prosecution if this happens. So it is now unclear that who is responsible regarding this duty.

Minister of industry, mine and trade said previously that base on a new enactment, the duty of car pricing will be handed over to consumers and producers support organization along with headquarter of market adjustment which means national competition council will be eliminated from this duty. What is unclear at this point is that if there is a minor shift in the law base on the new enactment then how is that possible for national competition council to prosecute this process?

"It is not true that the chairman of national competition council disagrees with handing over of the duty to another organization. It was never said that national competition council is no longer in charge of pricing domestic cars but was said that every goods after pricing must be approved by headquarter of market adjustment.” Said Vali Maleki, speaker of industries and mine commission of the cabinet.

"Sometimes leaving the prices fixed and not increasing them according to swelling, damaged part makers and vehicle manufacturers most of the times. This is not something to be neglected.” Responded Maleki to mention cons and pros of national competition council for automobile industry of the country.

Khodrocar – Despite everyone insist on elimination of national competition council from its duties, the new enactment apparently could not make their wish come true yet.

Khodrocar Journalist: Sepide Ghazinejad
Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi
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