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Publish Date : 04 October 2018 - 08:00
Increase in exchange rate price along with the collapsed economy of the country not only affected the price of the domestic vehicles but also deeply caused the used import vehicles’’ price to raise up to a fake level.
Khodrocar – Looking at the price tag of used import vehicles in Iran, one will face with some crazy tags never able to believe, Affected by fluctuation of exchange rate. But how real or how fake are these prices?

It has proven before so many time that such increase in price of vehicles, specially used one or classics will face them with the reality of not getting soled due to lack of demand and lack of purchasing power of the final customers.

"These days it has become way more easier to publish sales ads though many online websites. The ads contain only a phone number and some info of the vehicle along with a bunch of photos. It is unclear who the seller is. It is unclear even such vehicle exists. Therefor some brokers can manage some fake ads about fake vehicles with an unreal and unfair price tag to make the mob believe that this fake price is the true price of that specific vehicle.” Said Ali Shokouhi, an automobile industry expert regarding the reason why used imports are this much expensive when the market is a mess.

"People have learned to invest on goods when exchange rate fluctuates. The do it to prevent the price of their assets to degrade when fluctuation happens. Therefore some of them may make this mistake and buy such vehicle.” Said the expert about whether any of these unreal priced vehicles ever get sold.

"It is natural for the price of the vehicles to increase as long as there is demand for it. But when the price passes a certain limit of final customers’ purchasing power, there will be recession in the market of that vehicle. I believe we are not there yet. There is still demand but no supply for some vehicles so their price will rise near the limit of people’s purchasing power and that is why the number of vehicles sold with such unbelievable price tags are extremely low and limited.” Said Shokouhi

Khodrocar – Following up the sales ads of these out of ordinary priced vehicles, it becomes clear that the market of the country cannot stand it. Thus they are almost never sold for the unreal price that they carry on.

Khodrocar Journalist and Translator: Mostafa Anisi
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