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Publish Date : 03 October 2018 - 09:20
Nobody knows what exactly happened in the summit of National Competition Council but apparently this council is being eliminated from vehicle pricing duty.
Khodrocar – It is now a long time that experts talk about the elimination of National Competition Council from the duty of pricing domestic vehicles but every time this becomes denied. It is unclear neither the council does not fall back nor the government does not let it to.

Experts believed that the outcome of domestic vehicle manufacturers’ pre-sale plans are tied to decisions that National Competition Council makes. Because vehicle manufacturers were at a suspense over pricing of their products.
It was right then that one member of the National Competition Council said that from then on, the council is only responsible for determination of the hole frame and regulations of vehicle pricing process and the duty of increasing and finalizing the price of the domestic vehicles will be up to Consumer and Producer Protection Organization.

This was formerly announce by the minister of industry, mine and trade.
"Considering the current status of the market, National Competition Council is eliminated from the process of ve

s ghazinejad, [03.10.18 08:48]
hicle pricing and the duty is handed over to Consumer and Producer Protection Organization.” Said Dariush Esmaeili, the chairman of industry commission of the cabinet.

It did not take long that the news was denied and it was determined, what they said about the council was more of a suggestions and not a law. It is unclear that the delay of vehicle pricing from the council was because of being eliminated from duty or because the government has no idea who to put the responsibility on. The main question is that why don’t they let go of the market and free the pricing process so that the market itself could price every vehicle base of its supply and demand.

Khodrocar – Domestic vehicle manufacturers are now into pre-sale of vehicles that not even themselves know their final price tags. Who exactly is the responsible organization for vehicle pricing? Both major domestic vehicle manufacturers are postponing their vehicle deliveries to next year because now they have no idea of the final price of their vehicles and nobody knows who exactly is responsible for the pricing process. Maybe the government come up with a proper option to take over the responsibility until then.

Khodrocar Journalist: Sepide Ghazinejad
Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi
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