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Publish Date : 01 October 2018 - 08:00
Were less than a month away from Tehran Motor Show and that is while various incidents like US sanctions against Iran, bad economy and self-sanctioning like banning the imports of foreign vehicles turned this motor show to a perfect playground for the mafia of domestic car manufacturers.
Khodrocar – Tehran Motor Show was conducted in 2016 after being off for 12 years. The most important different of this show than other similar shows of other districts of the country is the magnitude and the glory of the show.

2018 started with lots of troubles. From the sanctions and ban of vehicle and CKD part import to increase in exchange rate and reduction in domestic production, all were signs of trouble to the most important automotive event of the year, the Tehran Motor Show.

2018 Tehran Motor Show starts from November 13th to 17th and it is uniquely dedicated only to automobiles and not the automobile part industry, just as it was in the past two years, unlike other motor shows held in other cities of Iran.

"This year’s motor show will be different indeed. Considering the economy of the country and the ban of vehicle import, we believe there will be a small fall in the number of exhibitors this year." Said Alireza Ajezi, the conductor of the third series of Tehran Motor Show.

"Presence of the exhibitors in the motor show is not only limited to registering customers for further sales in future. Corporations can present their after sale services and their loyalty to the market of Iran and their customers. But unfortunately, marketing and selling vehicles is all they care about in Iran.” Added Ajezi.

Asking about the number of exhibitors present in the third Tehran Motor Show, Ajezi said to Khodrocar: "So far 8 domestic car manufacturer and 3 vehicle importers registered for the motor show. "

Khodrocar – Alireza Ajezi did not mentioned the names of the exhibitors just yet, but he emphasized on presence of almost all domestic car manufacturers in this motor show. Considering the circumstances of the country and those foreign parties of vehicle joint venture contracts who left Iran market due to US sanctions, the third Tehran Motor Show is just another opportunity for the huge mafia of domestic car manufacturers of Iran to demonstrated and sell their ancient historic vehicles through various sell plans, one more time.

Khodrocar Journalist and Translator: Mostafa Anisi
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