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Publish Date : 29 September 2018 - 13:09
New exterior color and optional features also introduced.
Khodrocar - BMW is gearing up for what is probably its most important debut for this year. The new 3 Series should arrive at the Paris Motor Show in just a couple of days from now, but the Bavarian company isn’t neglecting the rest of its lineup. Earlier this month, the automaker introduced a number of upgrades for its conventional model range and now the eco-friendly i3 and i3s are also receiving some improvements.

Most importantly, the two EVs get new batteries with cell capacity increased to 120 ampere hours and a gross energy content of 42.2 kilowatt hours. BMW is proud to announce that, since its launch, the storage capacity of the i3’s battery has been doubled.

This is the fifth-generation of BMW’s high-voltage batteries, which will increase the range on a single charge of the models by up to 30 percent. The manufacturer estimates that in everyday use the duo will be now able to travel up to 162 miles (260 kilometers) between two charges. Of course, this number could vary depending on the outdoor temperature, driving style, pre-conditioning, route characteristics, and more. Translating it into an official figure according to the WLTP cycle, the i3 has a range of 177-193 miles (285-310 km), while the more powerful S version has 168-177 miles (270-285 km) on a single charge.

In addition, both the i3 and i3s benefit from a new exterior color and optional adaptive matrix LED headlights. In the coming months, the standard model will also get a sports package which adds black wheel arch surrounds and a sports suspension with specific dampers, springs, and stabilizers. A set of 20-inch alloy wheels rounds off the design improvements.

BMW is also integrating an optimized guidance system in the tile design of the iDrive controller, as well as an optional Business navigation system. A wireless phone charging and wireless LAN hotspot will be introduced for both the i3 and i3s at a later date.

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