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Publish Date : 26 September 2018 - 08:24
Iran Khodro Corporation (IKCO) started its pre-sales of 53 thousand vehicles with some new filtering system from yesterday morning. How successful can this method be in preventing dealers’ interference in the market?
Khodrocar – Various troubles hit the car market of Iran recently. Troubles like high demand of the market, increase in final price of vehicles, overdue debts of car manufacturers to part makers and so on, made car manufacturers to start selling some stored vehicles through pre-sale plans.

Experts disagree to such pre-sale plans of car manufacturers. They believe this method causes chaos in the market as the economy state of the country is too gray, under the shades of US sanctions and thus the manufacturer cannot guarantee to meet their promises on time.

Despite all negativities toward pre-sale plans, SAIPA ran a pre-sale and faced some serious IT problems as over 6 million people tried to register for a vehicle on Pre-sale website of SAIPA causing the servers to crash. Therefore a lot of them did not make it to register their names.

Yesterday morning IKCO started its 53 thousand vehicle pre-sale but with a bit of a twist. IKCO added some filtering to its pre-sale registration than makes reiteration possible only for those who have not bought any vehicles from IKCO in the past 18 months. Also people will be daily eligible to register based on the last number of their national code in respect to each day. The question is that how effective this method can be in comparison to SAIPA’s pre-sale method?

"Car manufacturers cannot price their products based on the market and with all the limitations with supply and demand in the market, IKCO had no other choice but to choose this very protocol.” Said Hassan Karimi Sanjari, automobile industry expert.

The expert believes that the reasons why people attack pre-sale registration websites is that the main problems were not solved. People have still got huge loads of liquidity and the vehicle price difference between the market and the company is still too huge. Thus people prefer to investigate where there is some profit. That’s exactly called brokerage.

"Considering the situation, IKCO have chosen a better method using experiences gained from SAIPA pre-sales. IKCO actually used some method of filtering to make sure that the vehicle will be bought only by those who really need a vehicle and not the brokers.” Added Sanjari.

Khodrocar – IKCO has tried a lot to prevent brokerage in the car market but as the experts say, the real problem is solved only when National Competition Council stops forcing car manufacturers with its pre-determined final price tags and let the market determine the value of each and every vehicle based on demands. The government must also decide soon about all loose liquidity among people so that people will back off from their investing attitude toward some goods like gold and vehicles.

Khodrocar Journalist: Sepide Ghazinejad
Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi
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