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Publish Date : 25 September 2018 - 11:16
If Darth Vader drove an SUV, this would probably be it.
Khodrocar - The face may be familiar, but underneath the wickedness that is the Rezvani Tank exists an evil engine option that could be the best pairing since oxygen and life as we know it. Can you think of a more sinister vehicle to pack Dodge’s 707-horsepower (527-kilowatt) Hellcat V8 engine? Say hello to the Tank X, which like the Military Edition we saw back in July, dishes up fiendish power from the infamous 6.2-liter supercharged Dodge V8.

The Tank X follows the same general formula from the Military Edition, but wraps it in a package that looks less like a desert assault vehicle and more like something we’d choose to fight aliens on the moon. It also forgoes the ballistics protection like the B7-rated glass and body panels, nor does it produce a smoke screen – that is, unless the engine has a catastrophic failure or you choose to spin wicked off-road donuts. It does, however, keep the nifty thermal/FLIR night vision capability as an option.

It also keeps the available Off-Road Extreme Package, which adds a 6-inch lift and a Dynatrac ProRock XD60/80 axle set with air lockers and an air compressor. Dynatrac ProGrip front and rear brakes are part of the package as well as Fox 2.5-inch internal bypass shocks. And it all rides on meaty 37-inch tires which, as you can see, leave awesome tracks in the sand. Too bad the Apollo astronauts couldn’t have had this instead of that teeny electric rover.

Inside isn’t quite as rough and tumble, but it’s definitely attention-getting. There’s a new hand-stitched red leather package that includes leather seats with a suede headliner, a head-up display, and a 7.9-inch infotainment screen with plenty of apps for helping you navigate the roads less traveled, or detours around downtown traffic jams likely caused by people gawking at you in the Tank X.

Rezvani says the Tank starts at $259,000, and orders are now being accepted.

Source: Rezvani
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