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Publish Date : 24 September 2018 - 13:59
Only 10 SA 35 Mustangs will be built, and they're all black.
Khodrocar - Fans of the Ford Mustang are familiar with Saleen, but many may not realize the company was founded way back in 1983. The first Saleen Mustang debuted a year later, and to commemorate that occasion the company is rolling out a special 35th Anniversary Edition Mustang, simply called the SA 35. It’s based on a 2019 Mustang, and well, just look at it.

These days Saleen tinkers with all kinds of cars and holds status as an official manufacturer, but it all began with Mustangs. Back then the modifications were primarily for handling, which translated to significant success for Saleen in the Sports Car Club of America. This SA 35 continues that tradition with Saleen’s upgraded Racecraft R Code suspension, but power is also slightly raised thanks to a Saleen-designed exhaust system and a big fat supercharger. By slightly, we actually mean 780 horsepower (582 kilowatts) and 630 pound-feet (854 Newton-meters) of torque – not a small jump from the stock Mustang’s 460 horses.

Saleen Mustangs have always stood out with color schemes and various add-on exterior bits. For the SA 35 that means a black exterior with the company’s trademark yellow/white trim and Saleen-specific graphics. It also wears special 35th anniversary fenders with a Saleen Black Label hood, a Saleen wing, and a retro-themed aero package. Inside you’ll find the requisite special badging with custom seats and more of Saleen’s company colors.

"We were extremely proud to introduce the SA 35 to our friends, family, and enthusiasts. It celebrates and validates the continuing success and longevity of the Saleen Brand”, said Steve Saleen CEO of Saleen Automotive.

Saleen actually builds anniversary cars every five years with the black-white-yellow design, but odds are good you’ve never seen one. That’s because only 10 are built, and the same will hold true for this 35th-anniversary model. The prototype was just unveiled September 15; pricing isn’t yet available for the production cars to follow.


Source: Saleen
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