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Publish Date : 15 September 2018 - 09:18
Motorcycle industry is feeling not even nothing better than the automobile industry but also coping with a major reduction in production in the first half of the year due to turbulences of exchange rate. Now the time is up for motorcycle manufacturers to reach expected standard levels and now 42 motorcycles are banned from production causing huge troubles for the industry.
Khodrocar - This January the motorcycle standards were inflated from 17 to 25 and became mandatory since July and after that those motorcycles not passing the 8 new standard levels, 42 different motorcycles, were banned from production by Standard organization of Iran.

That was an awkward news from the standard organization of Iran because some motorcycle manufacturers contacted Khodrocar and claimed that they have passed the standards, opposite to what was published before.

No Motorcycles Were Produced without Standardization
"There are roughly 200 motorcycle brands out in the market, out of which 42 models did not make it to pass the new 25 stage standardization process though were banned from production.” Said Bahman Ziya, Secretary of Industry Association.

"Only 42 out of 200 motorcycle brands did not make it to pass the new standardization process, while the rest could and it is nothing like that some motorcycle brands kept production without passing standard levels. Some media published news without true information and caused the mob to believe that on the production motorcycle passed no standards. This is not true, just like the automobile industry, motorcycle manufacturers have a deadline to pass new standard levels. From those 42 models now another 7 brands passed the new standard levels and the rest are also going to pass them in a month.” Added Ziya.

Reduction in Production Figures In the First Half of the Year
"The final MSRP for motorcycle manufacturers have increased while there is lesser and lesser demand for them every day and caused the production to drop. Motorcycle industry is in a very bad shape.” Said Secretary of Industry Association.
"Production figures of the first half of the year shows a 65 thousand motorcycles production while in the same period of time in other years the numbers would reach 200 to 300 units.” Said Ziya.

60 to 70 Percent Layoff in Motorcycle Industry
In the past six months 60 to 70 percent of motorcycle work forces were discharged from duties that counts as roughly 10 thousand job losses in motorcycle industry and related industries.

Khodrocar – New standard levels set as mandatory by the Standard Organization of Iran faces the industries with new challenges once in a while but will definitely lead to better quality products as well. Manufacturers also need to be supported by strongly founded economic infrastructures to be able to match up with up to dated global standards real quick.

Khodrocar Journalist: Sepide Ghazinejad
Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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