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Publish Date : 13 September 2018 - 08:00
Domestic car makers are exempt of scrapping their now worn out vehicles while the process was up to car importers and now the vehicle importation is totally banned. The question is how long the car makers are going to keep their production while being exempt of scrapping worn out vehicles?
Khodrocar – It is now 13 months that domestic car makers are exempt of scrapping worn out vehicles. Throughout the period, a lot happened to the regulations of worn out car scrapping but yet, the vehicle manufacturers are free of charges related to car scrapping.

With the ban of importation the pressures regarding worn out vehicle scrappage must be transmitted to car makers with their exemption being lifted. The question is now that there is no vehicle importations so there will be no worn out vehicle scrappage, why nobody does something about it? Is not it that whoever manufactures a vehicle is responsible to scrap one of its worn out kinds?

It is important to note that the domestic car makers started off a pre-sale of roughly 90 thousand new vehicles that are going to hit the streets of the country by next July so they must undertake the responsibility of scrapping worn out vehicles and if they do not, the country will turn into a scrappage yard.
"Expenses of scrapping worn out vehicles must be monitored and organized every year so the government could pay off the expenses with the money it has saved and every vehicle manufacturer could use the benefits of such method and we will not see any other scrappage yard shut down.” Said Ami Seifizade, vehicle scrappage expert.

"Gas import and air pollution related disease will definitely increase by the rate of worn out vehicle scrappage getting lower and lower.” Added Seifizade while referring to outcomes of scrappage yards shut down. He also emphasized that there is not much time because it is roughly a decade that all the pressure was on vehicle importers’ shoulders solely.

"It was stated so many times in the past two years that if the worn out vehicles are supposed to be scrapped to reduce air pollution, saving people’s lives and provide a part of the country’s needed steel, the scrapping must be taken way more seriously.” Added the expert.

Khodrocar – there are now roughly 900 thousand worn out vehicles on the street of the country while the number of passenger vehicles out there are about 16.1 million. There some solutions must be fount quickly with the scrappage of worn out vehicles.

Khodrocar Journalist: Negar Mirkarimi
Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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