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Publish Date : 02 September 2018 - 18:41
Plush cabs should really be a thing these days.
Khodrocar - In a world where taxis are regarded as fleet vehicles that don’t offer too much luxury to its passengers, there is one cab that chooses to stand out among the rest – the Kahn London Taxi TX4. It’s such a plush ride, which makes choosing between driving your own car and riding a taxi a tough choice; if only this cab is available everywhere.

The London Taxi TX4 is designed by Afzal Kahn – the very person behind the WB12 Vengeance and Vengeance Volante, which are the tuned version of the DB9 and DB9 Volante, respectively. He’s also the person in charge of Chelsea Truck Company, which specializes in re-engineering Land Rover Defenders and Jeep Wranglers.

Now, with the mentioned cars on Kahn’s resume, what do you expect the London Taxi TX4 to have?

Present inside is quilted and perforated Nappa leather that’s prominent throughout the cabin. The dashboard is dressed in piano black accents, while the leather continues on the steering wheel. As the London Taxi TX4 is one of only five "Last of Line Edition” vehicles commissioned by The London Taxi Company, you wouldn’t miss the host of "Last of Line” branding inside the car. Best part? The headliner is sprinkled with starlight – a plush feature more commonly seen in Rolls-Royce and the most recent Raptor S.

Other things derived from Rolls-Royce are found on the outside, such as the five color options, contrasting wheels, and the slotted grille. To power the taxi service, a VM Motori 2.5-liter diesel engine is found under the hood.

"While it is sad to see a beautiful, iconic vehicle reach the end of its life, it is a great honor to re-design and celebrate what is truly one of the most famous cars in the world,” said Afzal Kahn.

With this cab so plush and expertly made, the idea of buying one and bringing over to other countries is tempting. However, three models of the London Taxi TX4 have already been sold, and the remaining two will be handpicked by Kahn himself, so don’t get your hopes too high on that one.

Source: Kahn Design
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