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Publish Date : 29 August 2018 - 08:00
Recently a news pop out about an agreement between IDRO (Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran) and AVASS Group of Australia regarding a 100 million Euro investment and transfer of EV technology along with helping Iran with production of EVs. The agreement is kind of as Iran government has always gave EVs and hybrid vehicles a cold shoulder.
Khodrocar – IDRO signed an agreement with AVASS group, a group of companies, expert in design and production of batteries, electricity storages systems, charger systems, electric trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, trikes, and bicycles. It is said that AVASS Group has chosen Iran as a hub in the region to produce and export its products.

That pops lots of questions. Why Iran government did not force domestic car makers to accelerate their process of designing EVs? Is it a logical decision to sign an agreement in this critical situation of the sanctions? Who is AVASS Group?

Let’s Get to Know AVASS Group
AVASS Group was founded back in 2011 in Melbourne (HQ located in China), in partnership with the Chinese Trustful Group LTD which was founded back in 1995. Therefore both companies are expert in design and production of batteries, electricity storages systems, charger systems, electric trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles, trikes, and bicycles and many other electric machines.

"The news looks just like a PR work to me.” Said Ali Shokouhi, an automobile industry and Clean Vehicles expert to Khodrocar Journalist. "Now all domestic car makers are in deep trouble, government does not support clean vehicles at all and even cut some advantageous that were given to such vehicles before.” Added the expert.

"We must take step by step procedure. Firs we have to start with low voltage, low range hybrids. Then we must go for PHEVs. After that it will be time for EVs. Going for EVs as the first step is a wrong way. EVs require huge infrastructures that the government cannot afford now.” Said Ali Shokouhi.

Sanctions will definitely effect every global transactions, the expert also referred to the sanctions and said: "Based on the agreement AVASS Group is bound to invest 100 million Euros in Iran, how is he going to do that? On what monetary channel is he capable to invest that much money considering sanctions? Imagine it is necessary to import some goods from Australia, what global insurance company or shipping company is going to cooperate with Iran when sanctions are enforced now? Looking at this agreement, it is a dead end on every angle.”

"It is great that government finally understood what clean cars are. Now it seems they are going after them. But unfortunately Iran is a countries tightly bound with petrochemicals and fossil fuels. Maybe we had a better country it there was no fossil fuel in this country.” Said Shokouhi

Khodrocar – it is just the matter of time until the fate of this agreement to reveal. The agreement is a long shot. Fingers crossed for this agreement not to have the fate as other IDRO projects had before.

Khodrocar Journalist and Translator: Mostafa Anisi

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