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Publish Date : 31 August 2017 - 09:24
Renault products have good reputation in Iran and now Iran Khodro is up to sign a contract with one of Renault-Nissan subsidiaries, Datsun, and this can be a starting point for a competitive market.
Khodrocar – From the past years until now, Japanese cars like Nissan Patrol and Maxima were very popular in Iran’s automotive market. Even the imported ones are very popular among people.
In recent days, there are rumors about the signature of a new contract between Iranian and the Japanese automakers, specially Datsun which is a subsidiary of Renault-Nissan company.
It should be noted that because of the decline in people's purchasing power, the global automakers specially the Japanese are trying to conquer Iran’s economic vehicles by producing and introducing these kind of cars. Renault is a good example with Sandro and Tondar models.
Farbod Zave, automotive industry expert told Khodrocar regarding this issue: Datsun is a new comer but it is one of Renault-Nissan subsidiaries and Iranian automakers had a long term partnership with Datsun.
He stated that this contract will not have an important effect on major field of industry and said: Due to this contract, it seems that Dacia cars will be produced in Iran very soon, and they will be priced more than 500 million IRRs.
Zave emphasized: The future contract between Iran Khodro and Datsun is not so different from the previous ones.
This expert explained: Datsun is a Japanese company but it’s a subsidiary of Renault-Nissan joint venture indeed and it has a French soul. If the people is the main reason of this contract, the government should protect the people’s interest and because Iran Khodro is just a company and companies are only looking for their interests.

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