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Publish Date : 27 August 2018 - 09:31
Exactly when the sanctions started and importation banned, difficulties of auto industry began like after sale services. Experts believe that if the problems continue then the market will face with 1 million unsatisfied customers.
Khodrocar – There were whispers about the price increment in the imported vehicles then in the beginning of the New Year prices started to increase. In this way, after sales services and supplying parts get higher too.

Auto parts are stocked in the customs and this is hurting the imported and assembled cars which some periodic services has been deleted since the first of Mordad. Some companies are saying that after sale services are not free anymore.

Now the questions is, in the current situation that imported cars price are increasing and on the other hand after sales services are facing problems so how could they keep their market alive and prevent the customer reduction.  

"Right now, there are 630 thousand imported cars with more than 10 years old age which they can make different problems if they don’t satisfy by the services and shortage of spare parts. This problem is expandable to the local market and products like Kia, Changan and other products.” Ali Shokohi told Khodrocar reporter.

"As the production of assembled cars is increasing then some dissatisfaction will occur for the car owners because they are not able to use their own cars and they think that their finance has vanished.” He added. "These kinds of problems are for the imported vehicles too but the main point is the quality of after sale service right now.”

"Now, because of the current problems the quality of services are decreased and on the other hand most of products are not available or their price is doubled.” He said. "Experience has shown that exchanging currency exchanges for the import of automotive parts is limited to discourse and will not be implemented in practice. Further, spare parts will hardly reach the market, and the quality of parts will naturally decrease as well.

"Naturally, those who buy imported vehicles with higher prices are seeking for better quality and need a fun drive but this won’t continue if the spare parts are not available. With the continued shortage of imported car parts, suddenly, after a while, the tranquility of driving with several hundred millionths of luxury vehicles will be the opposite to the point of uneasiness.” He added.

 However, the chairman of the repair union also told the automaker that now, due to lack of spare parts and accessories in the market, some old and reconstructed parts are used, which, of course, is also faced with rising prices and problems with the lack of parts. Now, the custodians have to act in the clearance of parts in the customs, and the allocation of foreign currency to the makers to reduce such problems.

Khodrocar Reporter: Negar Mir Karimi

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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