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Publish Date : 19 August 2018 - 08:43
Iran automobile industry started a new unique project of producing unfinished cars since the auto parts were not released from the customs since end of July. Just in two weeks absence of the parts 50 thousand unfinished vehicles were produced. That is a huge illogical number of production especially for an industry which is claiming a lot about being self-sufficient. There lots of unfinished vehicles left abandoned while they just await one single signature to let the parts released from customs and get their production complete.
Khodrocar – Just before the new series of sanctions are enforced by the US government, the release of pre ordered auto parts of car makers came to a halt due to some monetary issues which led to production of a huge number of unfinished vehicles reaching roughly 50 thousand units by the very car makers.

The two strategic and powerful industries of car making and part manufacturing, both boasting big being self-sufficient in their way of businesses, this now looks like serious trouble because the number of unfinished cars show anything but being self-sufficient.

The fact pops some questions: why is it repeatedly told that the auto part industry is now self-sufficient in providing their raw material while it is still hugely depended on imports? Why have they not provided and stored their needed parts for a longer time before post-sanctions critical time’s starts?

Little by little Distribution of Parts by Auto Part Makers
"There are some raw material now are rare to find and expensive to purchase like copper, aluminum steel. Although we are self-sufficient in production of these materials but they are distributed bit by bit to the market and yet some of them are somehow delivered to part makers with a great bit of delay” Said Mohammad Reza Najafi Manesh ISMAPA Chairman. He believes that we should follow a path so that we would be able to domestically produce everything imported to the country so we help employment beside self-sufficiency.

Khodrocar – If the problems with the parts in the customs are not taken care of real soon the production figure of unfinished cars are going to be mind-blowing by the end of summer, especially with considering the situation becomes worse with the side effects of the sanctions added to the equation.

Khodrocar Journalist: Negar Mirkarimi
Khodrocar Translator: Mostafa Anisi
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