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Publish Date : 13 August 2018 - 09:21
In the recent years automakers tried some special plans for sale and presale to supply their required working capital. By preselling, they have production schedule and it’s a way to ditch the waiting for bank loans and even satisfy their customers.
Khodrocar – Pre-selling a car has some benefits except from easing production procedure and having high profit for customers, they are improving the production and make the part makers more and have make more employment in the this industry. Also, banks will be able to allocate more loans to small industries and more small industries will improve.

Cars are like capital in Iran because in time and due to the inflation prices are increasing and most families are saving their money by buying a car especially when it’s instalment purchase. Iranian people are looking at the cars as an opportunity to invest and save money.

But in the current year with the new sanctions from USA, car has become an investment situation with high profit. Also, price of factory and market have a great difference so automakers are introducing new plans to pre-sale their cars and cover real customers demand and control the car market.

Pre-selling could be beneficial from two sides, first automakers will find their working capital to order part and continue production, on the other hand part of customers are not believing in investing in the gold or house market so they bring their money to this place.

Analyzing car price in recent years show that prices are always increasing and customers could be sure about their profit so they won’t loss any money by buying cars. Also, after price increment we can surly say that this market has the most profit among all other investment opportunities. This profit is for the country and people. They can have the profit and help the country to move forward.

Khodrocar Translator: Amin Zamani
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