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Publish Date : 02 August 2018 - 09:21
During recent decades, Iran’s automotive industry welcomed many Chinese guests and have had many cooperation with them.
Khodrocar – Nowadays, about 15 Chinese car brand exist in Iran, which can be effected by United States’ exit from Iran’s nuclear deal or get stronger with the exit of European brands.

They have 15 percent of car market share and this is while they had just 1 percent of market share about 10 years ago. This shows the importance of Iran’s car market for China that they want to conquer.

Researches show that last year, 190 thousand Chinese vehicles have been assembled in Iran. About 15 brands are present in Iran and 13 brands are producing cars in our country.

Currently, the brands Chery, Lifan, Dongfeng Motors, Brilliance, BYD, Zotye, FAW, Great Wall Motors, Changan, Haima, MG, Geely and BAIC are very active in Iran and other carmakers like Hafei, SAIC and Domy are enthusiastic to be present in Iran.

Collaboration of Modiran Khodro and Chery
Modiran Khodro Co. was established in 2002 in New Arg in order to produce, import and export cars and heavy duty vehicles and improve the domestic automotive industry. This company that is operated jointly with Chery Co. is now one of the greatest carmakers in Iran. Models such as TIGGO7، TIGGO5 Fl، MVM X22، MVM X33S، MVM 550، MVM 315 و MVM 110S are the most popular and best-selling products of Modiran Khodro Co. in our country is our count.

Collaboration of AZVICO and SAIC Motor
Stablished in 2010, Azarbaijan Vehicle Industrial Corporation also known as AZVICO finally got the chance to produce MG vehicles in Iran after signing a joint venture with the Chinese partner SAIC Motor, the current owner of MG brand. MG cars are well known globally due to great reputation that comes from a deeply rooted British background of the brand in the field of car making in years. MG360 and MG360 Turbo are the two initial models produced in Iran by AZVICO. as the collaboration expands through time, more up to date models will be added to AZVICO's portfolio.

Collaboration of Kerman Motor with JAC and Lifan
After assembly of Daewoo’s products, Kerman Motor Co. started its cooperation with Lifan in 2007 and then with JAC in 2009. These companies inked few contacts in order to produce cars in Iran. The result of Kerman Motor's collaboration with Lifan and JAC companies is the diverse range of products in the various classes of cars.

Collaboration of BYD and Karmania
The BYD brand may be a bit less familiar than other Chinese brands in Iran, but it has a high reputation in China itself. Karmania is one of Kerman Motor’s subsidiaries that has been established in 2007.

Collaboration of Bahman Group with Haval and FAW
Bahman Automotive Group is one of the most famous car manufacturers in Iran that has joint operations with China’s FAW and HAVAL. Bahman Motor Co. has been cooperating with the FAW Company for the production of heavy duty vehicles and is the official dealerships of FAW in Iran that offers Bahman B30 and B50. This year, Bahman succeeded to contract with Haval Company.

BAIC and Great Wall Co.: Diar Khodro’s Choice
The company currently has a variety of products, such as Wingle 3 and Wingle 5 pickups, Haval SUVs and some Baic products in Iran. BAIC is the other partner of Diar Khodro in Iran. It has been nearly 5 years since the launch of Baic's first products in the Iranian market and it produces two models: Sabrina and Senova. This Chinese company introduced 6 new products in the second Tehran Auto Show in all segments including SUV, CUV, super mini and sedan.

Of course, the Rayen Automobile Company is currently producing Voleex C30 that belongs to Great Wall Co.

MG’s Presence in Iran

MG preferred to export vehicles into Iran and never showed interests to produce cars in Iran. Media Motors Co. is the official dealership of this company in Iran that imported MG 550 ،MG6 ، MG 350 ، MG3، MG GS و MG GT.
Recently Pars Motors Co. with the establishment of the factory and assembly line in Tabriz, launched the 360 model in Iran.

Geely’s Presence in Iran
Geely is one of the largest companies in China that has gained world renown over the last few years by buying European carmakers such as Volvo. The first Geely’s presence in Iran was in collaboration with Geelran Company four years ago. Geelran is the official importer of Geely cars and offered cars like Emgrand 7, Emgrand 7-RV and X7. Although at the beginning, all of these cars were good and high-quality products, unfortunately, due to poor management and lack of proper services, Geely’s formerly unrivaled products could not be seen in Iran.

That was the basis for a cooperation agreement between Geely Company and Bam Automobile Company in order to produce one of mid-class models in Iran. Geely GC6 is their first product in Iran.

Collaboration of Saipa with Changan, Brilliance and Zotye
Saipa, in partnership with Chiangan and Brilliance, produced SUVs and CUVs in Iran and offered them in the market. Saipa also started assembling Zotye "Ario”, which later joined Taxi Fleet.

Zotye is a company that has many relationships with leading automotive manufacturers like Suzuki, Toyota, Fiat and Lancia in the field of manufacturing technology.

Dongfeng and Haima Cars Produced by Iran Khodro
Iran Khodro has choose Dongfeng and Haima and produced SUV and crossovers like Haima S7 and S5 and also Dongfeng H30 Cross.

Foton in Iran
Azim Khodro Co. is the official dealership of Foton in Iran but photon products in Iran are being produced in the lineup of the factories like Iran Khodro, Saipa and Azim Khodro. Foton is the subsidiary of BAIC Co.

The most important products of Foton are trailers, buses, trucks, van and minivans.

Khodrocar Reporter: Fazel Suri
Khodrocar Translator: Maziyar Jafarieh
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